5 Common Odd Dog Behaviours Explained

Does your dog do weird things that you can’t explain? It’s perfectly normal for pets to show odd behavior that their owners don’t understand – animals have different ways of trying to tell their owners things. These acts may be funny at times, but most of the time they leave you puzzled.

Here are some common weird dog behaviors, why they happen and what you can do to handle them:

1. Licking

We all know that a lick from your pet dog is equivalent to a kiss. However, for dogs, it’s more than showing affection. When a dog gives birth, she licks her puppies to clean them off and to groom them. As the puppies grow, the mother licks them as an act of dominance. So when your dog licks you, he is telling you that he trusts you and that you’re the boss!

2. Sniffing Other Dogs

This is probably one of the weirdest things dogs do. Dogs sniffing each other’s bottoms is equivalent to people shaking hands – it is an act of greeting. The reason why the bottom is the most popular area that gets sniffed is that it has the strongest scent.

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3. Peeing Out of Excitement

Dogs get the most excited when they greet their owners at the door or when they meet people. Oftentimes, they pee themselves out of excitement – an act usually exhibited by puppies who are yet to learn how to control their bladder. What you can do is to greet your pet outside the door when you come home until he is housebroken.

4. Circling Their Sleeping Spot Before Lying Down

You’ve probably noticed your pet circle his bed or the spot where he sleeps before he lies down and gets comfortable. This behavior goes way back to their ancestors who circle their sleeping spots to scare bugs and insects away as well as to pat down grassy patches.

5. Going Crazy After a Bath

All dog parents have experienced this – their runs around like crazy after every bath. The truth is, dogs find the feeling of wet fur odd and uncomfortable, that’s why they do all they can to shake off the sensation. What you can do is to help your pet dry his fur faster. Dry his fur as much as you can with a clean towel or better yet, use a hair dryer especially if your pet has long hair.

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Even though dogs do things we can’t explain, we have to admit that this odd behavior is pretty funny and adorable!

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