5 Essential Tricks to Keeping Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy

Your furry friend’s teeth is as important as any part of his body when it comes to grooming. Just like us, bacteria will build up inside the mouth without regular brushing which in turn may lead to gum problems and irritation, plaque and other infections. Veterinarians recommend that you brush your dog’s teeth daily to keep them strong and healthy.

Aside from regular brushing, there are other tricks to keep your furry friend’s chompers at their best shape:

1. Give good quality food

What we eat greatly affects our general health. Whether we eat junk or nutritious food, it will reflect in our body. The same goes for our pets. It is important to feed them good, quality food made out of fruits, vegetables, and meats. Good food will nourish the body, including the teeth. Stay away from by-products, cereal grains and meals as they are more likely to stick to your pet’s teeth.

2. Offer healthy snacks

If you’re feeding your furry friend nutritious food, go all out and make them snack healthy as well. A lot of dog snacks contain high amounts of cereal grain, fats, and sugar which can affect your pet’s teeth negatively. Opt for nutritious snacks like apple slices, carrot sticks or a chunk of squash.

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3. Use dental treats

If there’s one thing that a dog loves, it is a treat! Hit two birds with one stone by using dog dental treats to reward your pet’s good behavior – they are designed to help clean your dog’s mouth, freshen their breath and to remove the build-up of plaque. Try a variety of these dental treats and find out which ones your furry friend loves best.

4. Use raw bones instead of commercial chew bones

Large uncooked bones (preferably cow bones) are ideal for your dog to chew on as they help clean and strengthen the teeth. It is important not to give small and cooked bones as toys as they can break and injure the mouth. Your dog can also choke on them. Also, stay away from commercial chew bones that contain starch which are sticky and can leave residues on your pet’s chompers.

5. Purchase chew toys

Good quality nylon or hard rubber chew toys are ideal for cleaning and scraping dog teeth. Regular chewing can also strengthen your pet’s teeth. At the same time, they’re having fun!

For best results, it is always best to consult with your veterinarian if you want to know more about keeping your dog’s mouth healthy!

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