5 Important Tips For Keeping Your Dog’s Paws Healthy

As part of our hygiene, we see to it that our nails are cleaned and trimmed regularly. We make regular appointments at the spa to get a foot massage. We love to pamper ourselves. The same goes with our pets – if you’re going to groom them, make sure you have their paws covered. Treat them like you would your own feet!

Here are 5 tips to follow when taking care of your pet’s paws:

1. Check for cracked pads

When they get too dry, the pads in a dog’s paws may crack and bleed. This needs to be treated immediately as it can be painful and can even make it difficult for your pet to walk. Purchase a good pad moisturizer specifically designed to treat dry paws. Don’t skimp and use human lotion – this has proven to soften the pads too much, resulting in more complications.

2. Treat cuts and scrapes immediately

Unless you’re the kind of dog parent that lets their pet wear shoes when walking outside, dogs basically go everywhere barefoot, that’s why it shouldn’t be a surprise when they show up with a cut or scrape in the pad of their paw. Clean the cut immediately to prevent infection. Clean it out with anti-bacterial wash, put some anti-bacterial cream then bandage the injured paw. Again, have it done by your vet if you find doing it by yourself difficult.

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3. Groom the paws regularly

You can tell that your dog’s nails need to be trimmed just by the look of it. If you’re too anxious to clip your pup’s nails by yourself or if you find that keeping your pet still is difficult, it is ideal to have them done by your vet or a professional groomer. Don’t forget the hair between the pads – if not trimmed regularly they could cause painful matting. Be sure to also check for small debris that may be stuck in there.

4. Keep them off hot surfaces during summertime

A hot, sunny day is a good time for a walk with your pup. However, be sure to keep your pet’s paws protected from the heat by avoiding to walk on hot surfaces such as parking lots and sand. If he gets a blister or his paws got burned, gently wash with anti-bacterial soap then wrap with a gauze loosely.

5.Protect your dog’s paws during wintertime

Stock up on paw moisturizers during winter as the cold can lead paws to crack and dry out. Also, people usually melt snow off sidewalks by using salt, de-icers and other chemicals which can be toxic for canines. They could easily pick up these chemicals after their walk, so be sure to wash their paws immediately when you get home. You can also opt to coat your dog’s paws with Vaseline to keep salt from getting into their pads.

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Follow these simple tips to keep your pet’s paws healthy!


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