5 Tricks To Have a Successful Camping Trip With Your Dog

Any trip with your furry friend can be fun and hassle-free if you come prepared. Taking a dog on a trip is like bringing a child – they require care and guidance especially when it’s their first time. A camping trip is a good experience for any canine as it is a good change of environment and it helps beat boredom during the summer!

Here are 5 simple tricks to try to have a smooth camping trip with your dog:

1. Research the campsite

Before bringing your furry friend to a camping trip, be sure you have called and researched the campsite beforehand. You don’t want to travel a long way only to find a “No Dogs Allowed” sign on your chosen site. There are plenty of pet-friendly campsites and trails out there, just be sure to also ask about their rules and restrictions regarding bringing of pets.

2. Bring a leash

Most pet-friendly campsites will require that dogs be restrained with a leash at all times. But even if they don’t, a good quality dog leash is a must-bring. Canines are naturally curious creatures and a movement in a nearby bush or an animal sound will make him running and exploring. The last thing you want is to for your furry friend to get lost in the woods. It is ideal to bring a short leash for when you’re walking on a trail or hiking and a long leash for when you’re at the camp so he can explore a bit.

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3. Stick to your scheduled feedings

If your dog is used to eating at certain times throughout the day, it is advisable to stick to that schedule. Unless you want a hungry dog who won’t let you sleep in while at camp!

4 Bring grooming supplies

Just like you, your pet can get dirty and stinky while camping – you don’t know what you’re going to step on or what will stick to your clothes. Prepare a small bottle of dog shampoo, a brush, and a clean towel as you may need to give your dog a quick bath – you never know what he could get into!

5. Bring something familiar

A new surrounding can be exciting for most dogs, but it can also be quite scary at first. To help your pet adjust to the new surroundings, bring something familiar from home like a favorite toy.

Enjoy your first camping trip with your furry friend with these easy dog camping tricks!

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