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my story

hi my name is david  a veterinarian, animal behaviorist, and writer, “Dog training is in danger of losing its soul”.  I’m here to help keep it real.

So here’s the deal:

To be successful at training this HIGHLY INTELLIGENT breed, you MUST get inside his head and master the language he speaks.

But how do you find the time to do this while you’re:

Running a household

Raising a family

and working full-time?

Instead of paging through hundreds of books and thousands of dog behavior studies, wasting your precious time on outdated methods from so-called “experts”…

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I’ll cut through all the fluff for you by breaking down these proven methods into practical tips you can implement today into training your German Shepherd.

Why Should You Take My Advice?

My family have always had German Shepherds as our family pets.

From my great-grandparents living in Nice, France in the 1920’s to my grandparents and parents living in Africa.

And today,One of my biggest passions in life is dogs and dog training. Here I share advice on training happy and healthy puppies