how to stop dog from barking Effectively STEP BY STEP GUIDE

In my last article  you told me that you needed help with unwanted barking and how to stop dog from barking Effectively. for those of you reading  now does your dog barking ?would you say that you pretty much have it under control consider sharing

this because I’ll tell you one of the main reasons people relinquish their dog will find a new home for their dog or give them up to a pound or shelter is because they barns understand that dogs bark for a huge variety of reasons maybe they’re excited and they want to play maybe they’re nervous maybe they’re unsure maybe they’re feeling protective or territorial the first thing you can do to make your job way easier is to make sure your dog is getting the appropriate exercise


exercise is the perfect prescription for barking that occurs out of excitement boredom or frustration remember if you have an extra energetic dog you might need to play fetch with them often or do something like long hikes regularly

with them our first task is to give our dog’s attention off whatever it is that’s making them bark and onto us and we want them to do it voluntarily the reason is we want them to think when we bring about behavior from the inside outwards

it makes our job easier now and in the future dogs truly understand sincerity we’re not just saying a word or a command at our dog since all dogs were bred to work with people we know that they have it in them to learn from us

one of the ways to substantially increase the odds that you’re able to break your dog’s attention on whatever it is they’re focused on is to have a very powerful currency in your corner this is usually food or play for most dogs

a good bit of actual turkey deli meat does the trick think back to when you were kid and you were a bit too chatty in class maybe you had a teacher that provided you with some incentive to be less chatty by giving you something like stickers or putting your name on a chart for the class to see

this made you want to learn the behavior that would get you good things in other words you want to communicate to them hey look I’ve got this turkey here I know you want it and I’ll give it to you but you’ve got to be quiet for just a split second

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we don’t ask for too much and we reward generously when they’re quiet and see what happens yeah I know what some of you might be thinking aren’t I rewarding them for barking right now well if you continue to do this

yes you would be rewarding them for parking however we want to quickly raise the bar with them once we feel that we’ve got their initial attention remember we’re just trying to break their concentration from whatever it is they’re barking out

with the turkey we want to ask for a little bit more most of your dogs already know how to sit so ask for something like sit once they’re looking at you or sitting let them know that you love it now for some dogs using food or toys won’t work

especially if they’re too far gone and other words are very excited and focused on whatever it is they’re barking at for these dogs we have to do something a little bit different

we want to go back to the last known place of acceptable behavior that might mean turning around if they’re barking at a dog down the street it might mean picking them up if we have to in order to just calm them for a moment

this is what we had to do with Dante the schnauzer he was a very excited Barker and there was no way that you were going to get his attention he didn’t care about the food you can care about toys let him calm down and then start again reduce the training

bubble get closer you know that’s usually how we picked that when teaching any new behavior it’s really important to acknowledge to our dogs any amount of effort that they’re showing us extreme barking is very common with young dogs or unsocialized dogs it’s totally workable just be prepared to teach them

this is perhaps the most critical point of the entire video the best time to correct unwanted barking is right before it occurs now if you’ve spent any time with your dog you probably know right before they’re about to bark that moment

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when they perk up and they say you know I’m thinking about barking right now here’s a still shot of my lovely dog Venus right before she’s about to bark now every dog has their own version of this that is the ideal time to intervene

encourage them to look at you and reward them heavily for complying look at Katherine and Jacob the Chihuahua here now she knows that Jacob is likely to bark so she is ready to communicate to him

no don’t do that and yes I like that you’re being quiet right now the best way to train your dog is to give them your full undivided attention when you’re teaching them what about when you’re walking down the street and your dog starts barking at something

maybe it’s another dog maybe it’s a cat down the street what do we do in that situation every once in a while Simba will get moved where he says who are you what do you want but notice how melanie is able to instantly get him back onto her the moment

the undesirable behavior takes place that’s because they’ve spent a lot of time together building communication that’s what dog training is really about Camryn is a very instinctive trainer with her dog charlie

he’s a rescue dog and you know at this point is training he would still bark out at dogs a lot he was unsocialized and very new he’s quite a young dog as well what is so impressive about this example is you can see how frazzled charlie is as evidenced by his idle erection

that’s where the hair stands up on the back of a dog’s neck they can be particularly difficult to reason with when they’re in the state of mind which is why so many trainers resort to using shock collars upon collars or choke chains to pull their dog away

however if your communication is very strong with your dog you can get them out of that state of mind by reasoning with them communicating with them that’s what Cameron does so well here communicating with look at that do you see oh

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she got him back there he started the bar he would only do this with a dog if you were extremely comfortable with them and you knew them very well that’s how you do it beautiful work all of you have it in you to do it just be patient take your time

enjoy the process so what do you do if your dog barks when you’re not home well there are no humane methods that I know of that allow you to teach your dog if you’re not present you should do things like exercise them before you leave the house that’s the main reason barking occurs in the first place you could also consider doing something like doggy daycare

if you don’t have the time to work with them or have someone come over to let them out or play a little bit of fetch with them put them in a part of the house where they’re less likely to bark leave them alone for shorter periods of time for example these are all things that will help I know a lot of you are thinking right now

well I want my dog to bark what if someone’s trying to get in my house or someone’s on my property I want to be alerted to that and I think that’s fair and acceptable you would do the same thing but you would just let them bark a couple of times before correcting.
how to stop dog from barking Effectively STEP BY STEP GUIDE

it is it to say to them okay thank you for letting me know I’m cool with a couple of barks okay that’s enough now and reward them when they’re quiet so to sum up the best way to correct unwanted barking a get their attention on you ideally correcting the behavior before it occurs be rewarding them heavily

even during brief moments of compliance and see lots of time patience and consistency join me on Facebook where I’m heavily active as well I even post my secret dog training articles over there also tell me if you want my next article  to be about unwanted jumping or teaching your dog to stay at doorways so they don’t run into the street tell me in the comments below and also tell me if your dog barks or not

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