The Most Important Things to Teach Your Dog

If you have a  dog, there are only three Things to Teach Your Dog. people always ask what are the most important things a dog needs to know in training.

Real simple the dog needs to come when you ask him to come. he needs to stay when you tell him to stay and he needs to leave it if there’s something they shouldn’t be touching.

those are the three main things to teach your pet dog and they’re important that you teach them early on and early on doesn’t necessarily mean early on in there in their age in their years but it means early on with your relationship with the dog

so if you’re just bringing a new dog home it gives you a perfect opportunity to teach the dog that there’s a new sheriff in town that things are going to go your way and that structure is something your dog loves and it’s something your dog craves your dog does not want to make his own decisions those decisions usually lead to very very bad decisions

dogs running out of the front door getting hit by cars dogs play fighting and getting bit by another dog dogs knocking over things breaking things eating poison things the more you structure your dog’s life the happier your dog’s going to be and the better chance your dog is going to have for a permanent loving forever home

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which is the number one goal that you should have with your dog so here’s a great example of how I teach my dog the three commands I want them to know for example the come the stay and the leaf of command so really simply here if I tell my dog here good and I’ll explain to you how to do this later but right now

I’m just teaching him the basic position here good here good yes now I’ll give him a reward so he gets a treat for that now if I tell my dog over here goofy good sit now here I’m going to tell him to sit and to wait without saying wait he understands he has to wait I can tell him good sit remember

I said well he stays there good and this is the basic state command this is the basic way I teach my dog to stay when I want him to stay and when I release him yes he gets his reward a lot of changes will teach the dog to sit then

they’ll pay him to sit then they’ll pay him so the dog never knows when to release the primary concept of the way I teach a dog to sit is his anticipation of the break of the free of the get up of whatever that word is for you and that’s a word you’re going to choose whether it’s free or yes or okay or good

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I wouldn’t use good or any word you choose that’s going to be the word he’s waiting for and in doing it that way when I have my dog through an obedience trial and I say sit he sits fast he doesn’t kind of meander down in his exercise he understands the faster he does the command the faster the yes comes back out

so now the last thing I want to show you it was the third part which is the leave it command so if I tell my dog here okay good down so for the leave it command

you can use a couple different words you can use leave it Yawk phooey know whatever I use phooey so if I tell him down phooey he’ll understand not to touch that command if I throw another one down phooey good phooey he understands he can’t touch those items that I’ve told him not to touch

now if I tell him phooey good I can throw it closed in front of phooey Phooey and there’s no way he’s going to touch that object I will teach you how to tell to teach your dog that through a series of simple exercises and when he does well I reward him with yes and then I give him a reward

I generally try not to give him the reward from the ground so another if I throw something in front of him and say phooey or leave it or yuck or whatever it is I won’t then later say okay go take it and have fun with it because that makes it a conflict of the dog

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so it means well when are you going to release me to it instead what I’ll do is tell them to leave it I’ll give them a treat from my hand or from my pouch or something like that or a toy then I’ll pick the the treat up from the ground and then give him that treat and that’s an important concept so as you watch through all of the training videos that you’re going to see here

you’ll see a lot of fun exercise teach your dog a very different concept in how to get your dog to understand these exercises and it will increase your relationship and increase your ball

it will make training your dog and with your dog and be interacting with your dog much much much more fun and that’s the number one goal because I want you to have a happy life with your dog

I want you to have a fun life with your dog and I want your dog to enjoy training more than anything if training becomes a chore he’s not going to want to do it and you’re not going to want to do it
I  hope you have enjoyed today’s topic on Most Important Things to Teach Your Dog.

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