why is my dog whining- Dog Behavior Series 13

Every creature has its own way of communicating among others. When it comes to dogs, whining is a natural behavior and the way they communicate that there is something they want.

For instance, puppies whine for their mother when they are hungry. It has been said that the normal whining period for dog is around six-month. So if your dog is still whining after this period, it means he is either doing it unconsciously, or may have learned that it’s great motivating tool to get what he needs and wants. For adult dogs, there are lots of reasons behind every whining.

Some of these reasons are because the dog is: in pain, bored, wants to go out, afraid, and so on. A dog owner’s response to dog whining greatly depends on the reasons behind it.

You know a dog is in pain when it suddenly and quietly starts whining and gradually progresses, growing in intensity throughout the day. This is not only limited to mature dogs but puppies and young dogs can also be subjected to this type of behavior, thus it must be seen as a major concern and not limited towards an age basis.

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So if you’re thinking your dog might be in some sort of pain, it is highly recommended to him check out and a vet. Any dogs especially those recovering from surgery or following some type of trauma are more prone to whining. For them whining becomes reflexive and automatic.

Whining out of boredom or loneliness is easy to detect.

In this situation, your dog is normally wandering around the house (probably following you), and whining without direction and unsure where exactly to go. The solution for your dog’s whining when he’s bored is a quick round of exercise. It can be done by taking him out for a walk, playing fetch or you can develop a daily exercise routine. One thing is for sure, an active and tired dog will never be bored. On the other hand, a whining dog due to loneliness can be pampered by spending more quality and interactive time with the pet.

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Dogs are very sociable animals.

It answers the question why the majority of dogs love being outside. So if your dog is whining because of wanting to go outside, the first thing that should be done is to give the owner (himself) and the dog a big pat on the back. It’s a sign of a real well-trained dog. The dog needs to go badly enough to keep on whining, but the dog knows not to do it inside and for this the dog is smart enough to try and let the master know that she needs to go out.

It is easy to tell when the dog is whining because of fear or anxiety.

When the dog is afraid, it means that there is some sort of direct cause to its fear like a thunderstorm or strong windy afternoon and spooking the dog a bit. When anxious on the other hand means there is no direct or any tangible that causes dog’s edginess like being tired. Other reason why dogs whine is when no one is around and for that they are stressed. Well, this kind of whining can be associated sometimes with separation anxiety syndrome.

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All dogs whine however, many tend to be whinier than others.

Whining may be nearly automatic and may arise in response to particular unfavorable circumstances or situations, or can be utilized as a communication tool to get attention to accomplish certain goal. Only intense, serious whining calls for attention. In most respects, whining in dogs is a lot like crying babies and can be handle similarly.

If a new puppy cries during the night, then that must be granted some attention, so the puppy knows that he can continue get “maternal care.” However, whining or howling during the night shouldn’t be paid with foodstuff, modern petting, or carrying the puppy; otherwise bad behavior will be developed. The appearance of the owner for a couple of moments can be quite enough to let the dog recognize that his owner pay attention to him, that he is certainly there and taking care.

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