Why Your Dog’s Breed Doesn’t Matter. But THIS DOES!

Today we are going  to learn Why Your Dog’s Breed Doesn’t Matter .many people think that the best way to describe a dog’s personality is by which breed they are but there’s actually a more accurate way to size up virtually any dog and that’s what we’re going to talk about today juice has never had a bark box before.

let’s see what this month’s theme is chew Rasik bark get it damn it back has to open it look at the volcano it’s your disaster buddy pterodactyl treats first ingredient and this one is duck I mean

Ducks are basically pterodactyl you don’t ever get a boring toy with barf on I mean look at multiple squeakers that crinkly texture right there is going to be awesome for peeking a dog’s interest I wonder what would happen if a Labrador Retriever and a wooly mammoth and a pterodactyl got into a fight the pterodactyl flies in in real the woolly mammoth gets away

here comes a pterodactyl and we’ve just figured out why the dinosaurs went extinct it was due to the previously undiscovered Labrador Essaouira these are simple trainers yeah they work barkbox have special selections for all different types of dogs including heavy chewers

perhaps the biggest overgeneralization relating to a dog’s personality and their behavior traits is to form opinions based heavily on a dog’s breed now I’m not saying to dismiss breed altogether

there are certain qualities that are often true based on the dogs breed a border collie is more likely to have natural sustained focus a German Shepherd is guaranteed to shed and a greyhound is likely to be pretty mellow

it just shouldn’t be weighted anywhere near as heavily as most people including song professionals do I want to be very clear you don’t train a dog based on their breed stereotype you determined your training strategy based on your dog’s energy level and their individual personality with all of their corks and centricity

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No two dogs are the same sure genetics matter but the variance and therefore the approach we take between dogs of the same exact breed can vary tremendously anyone who spent enough time with lots of dogs know that

sometimes the Labrador can be overflowing with energy but another Labrador could just as easily be very mellow or even fearful to a dog’s energy level not their breed is a far more reliable indicator for the training approach you should adopt with that individual dog let’s go over the three categories of energy levels and what they mean these are heavy you do know you have muscles in your legs right

you can actually use level 1 level 1 dogs are laid-back lower energy dogs they’ll be happy to just take a short walk with you each day and they’ll basically just chill out for the rest of the day they’re great if you’re a busy person who wants to calm low-key companion but don’t expect a level 1 dog to play vigorously for long periods of time or to play really at all for that matter

most level 1 dogs aren’t going to be very motivated to learn particularly advanced or athletic tasks this doesn’t mean they’re less intelligent though just more relaxed level 1 dogs tend to naturally be pretty well-behaved and polite too you’re rolling over too much look at you your leash is all wrapped around you now let’s talk about level 2 dogs they tend to be a little bit more well-rounded as it relates to energy and tend to have a little bit more mental and physical stamina

a level 2 dog is a dog that tends to be really hyper when you get home from work but then tends to calm down after a few minutes without much encouragement from you what he loves this woman man level 2 dogs can have substantial bursts of energy

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generally require fairly significant exercise to realize their true potential in general level 2 dogs are great for a less experienced person who still wants to have a hands-on role in teaching their dog and these sounds are great for people who want to involve their dogs with their daily life and adventures but not have exercising their dog completely take over their life

level 2 dogs can learn a variety of advanced tasks they’re not really likely to excel at extremely athletic endeavors but if you’re looking for a hiking buddy or even a service dog a level 2 dog might be perfect for you but if you’re looking for a champion agility dog you might need to alter a little bit

now let’s talk about those super high-energy dogs you know the ones that can play all day and all night the ones who jump like crazy or constantly bring you toys to play fetch or tug with the ones whose tails are almost always wagging at 100 miles an hour they’re basically like this if you don’t exercise them every waking hour these are the level three dogs

let me let you in on a big secret the more energy a dog has the more teachable they are but they are not for the casual pet parent you really have to dedicate a lot of time to making sure they get plenty of mental and physical exercise if you don’t all that pent up energy can and almost certainly will lead to excessive hyperactivity and destructive behaviors these dogs virtually always require very significant exercise before each training lesson

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it seems they can’t really focus until they release that excess energy so of course you’re going to have to commit to teaching most of these dogs something like fetch so that you can easily and efficiently get their energy out on your turn if you’ve got a life outside of your dog you really want to think long and hard before getting a level-3 dog

they’re not going to let you forget about it level 3 dogs are almost never satisfied with walks unless they’re very long walks say three to five miles they never really seem to get tired from normal daily activities either you know like short walks and playing with other dogs these guys will engage you for as long as you’re willing as long as you’re keeping training fun

of course level three dogs are the most misunderstood of all dogs and yeah it’s true that they’re generally the highest maintenance of all dogs do but these guys can learn virtually anything I mean they’ll do truly awesome stuff whether it’s leaping off a dog doing walking handstands or even riding a bike

these dogs are made to work at peak performance and you know they’re not going to do really well if they don’t get that opportunity now I’m making a lot of generalizations here and there are no doubt exceptions out there and quite honestly your dog could be somewhere in between maybe your dog is a level 1.5 for example it really is a spectrum understanding your dog’s energy level is the best way to understand how much time and effort they’re going to require from you. hope you have enjoyed our topic on Why Your Dog’s Breed Doesn’t Matter

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